What are your rates?

For custom digital designs I charge 15 GBP an hour,

For pencil/Biro pieces I charge 20 GBP an hour + 1st Class shipping

All products require an hour deposit up front or 10% fee of any tattoo you're looking to obtain

Why do we take deposits?

Deposits are took in the event that a client doesn't pay the full price of a design or if a client is not arrive on the day and/or is unable to provide proof of identy as compensation of loss of time

How long do they take?

Most custom pieces take 1-2 hours although it may be longer if we make numerous changes or the piece is extremily detailed.

Biro/Pencil pieces usually take between 1-4 hours depending on size.

Despite only taking a couple of hours please allow one week for me to get you your designs due to the high volume of orders. if its been a week without a design please message me and i can update you with how far up my list you are!

Temporary Tattoos?

When applied via the instructions the tattoos can last up to 1-2 weeks

We dont recommend placing them on sensitive skin areas!